Karimui in the southern tip of Simbu Province is another proposed conservation area project.

It was initiated in 2009 by the people of Karimui through their Local community based organisation―Karimui Conservation & Resource Management Program Inc.

Mt Karimui has untouched virgin tropical rain forests, and contains many rare species of plants and animals. 

Partners with Melanesians was approached by KCRMP in September of 2009 to be part of its multi-stakeholder team. The core focus was for us to take the lead as facilitator of the Environment & Natural Resource Conservation component of KCRMP’s community developmental goals. This is geared towards having their proposed plan to see a Conservation Area established in Karimui.

PWM is working hand in hand with KCRMP to see this to fruition.

Mt Karimui at a Glance

  • Land Area:    14,900 hectares
  • Population:    +20,000 people (2011 census)
  • District Headquarter:    Karimui 
  • Language groups:  4 (Iya, Yasa, Daribi, Bomai)
  • Provincial Capital:   Kundiawa 
  • No. of airstrips:   1
  • Alternate access:  Traditional foot tracks
  • Rainfall:   2800 mm/yr
  • Temperature:   Varies between 20-29 °C
  • Highest point:   1400 m above sea level
  • Lowest in point:  1200 m above sea level
  • Forest Type:   Low to high mountain rain forest. 
  • Soil type:   N/A
Karimui station from the air
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